IAS Awards

The mission of IAS includes promoting and disseminating knowledge on atmospheric PM to the general public and supporting the career development of young researchers. Every two years the “IAS Award” is given to young members of the Association who have made significant contributions to the advancement of aerosol science during their Ph.D. and Master’s Thesis.

PM2016 IAS Master’s thesis Award: Fabio Giardi – Analisis of ionic compounds in the Artic aerosol (Ny Ålesund,  Svalbard islands) as a sources marker and transport processes   
IAS Ph.D. Award: Luca D’Angelo – Atmospheric aerosol phase transitions: measurements and implications
PM2018 IAS Master’s thesis Award: Matteo Piazza –  Cellulose particles as ice nuclei in cloud.

IAS Ph.D. Award: Eva Merico Evaluation of port activities contribution to atmospheric pollutants in Brindisi and Venice areas.  

CONTEC Master’s thesis Award: Alice Forello – Multi-time Source Apportionment. An advanced approach for the identification of atmosferic particulate sources in Milan

CONTEC Ph.D. Award : Luca Tofful Chemical characterization of PM10 in indoor academic environments.

PM2020 IAS Master’s thesis Award: Federica CrovaSize-segregated aerosol characterization of real-world non exhaust traffic emissions

IAS Ph.D. Award: Ugo MolteniLaboratory and field investigation into the gas-phase chemistry of highly oxygenated molecules

CONTEC Master’s thesis Award : Giulia CalitriBioaerosol monitoring in workplaces through chemical markers 


PM2022 IAS Ph.D. Award: Matteo FeltraccoChemical characterization of Arctic aerosol for investigating the multi-annual profile of anthropogenic and biogenic markers