National Conference on Atmospheric Particulate Matter

The Italian Aerosol Society organizes, every two years, the National Conference on Atmospheric Particulate Matter, which has officially become the association’s congress since the year 2008. The conference brings together, for a few days, the scientific community on topics related to atmospheric particulate matter, ranging from its chemical composition to the dynamics of transformation and transport in the atmosphere, from monitoring to diffusion models and source characterization, from toxicity to health effects, and, in general, from intervention strategies to the management of problems in the field. For this reason, in addition to the world of scientific research in the field of environmental knowledge, the conference intends to address all those actors who to varying degrees are called upon to operate in this context, from legislators to local governments to companies dedicated to the development of control and abatement technologies, to the world of media and information.

Every two years, the Italian Aerosol Society organizes national conferences on atmospheric particulate matter with the aim of fostering the exchange of experiences within the community.

As a member of the European Aerosol Assembly (EAA) and the International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA), it also participates in the organization of European (EAC) and international (IAC) conferences on atmospheric aerosol.