European Aerosol Conference (EAC)

The European Aerosol Assembly is an organisation composed of twelve Aerosol Societies, that operate under a formal constitution, aiming to act as a point of reference for co-operation between aerosol societes and other funding bodies at both National, European an extra-European level.

Its scientific activity is carried out by five Working Groups, covering a wide range of research interests: aerosol technology, atmospheric aerosol studies, aerosol ad health effects and basic aerosol processes.

The EEA establishes a common policy on the planning the European Aerosol Conference (EAC), held in three out of every four years, whose discontinuity due to the coincidence with the International Aerosol Conference (IAC). IAC is organized by the International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA), switching between Asia, US and Europe and fostering links between research communities in all regions of the world.

Up to now the program and the abstracts of the past events are available on PHAIDRA thanks to the huge effort of Prof. Helmuth Horvath.

Upcoming EAC/IAC

EAC 2024, Tampere (Finland), August 25-30, 2024 EAC 2025, Lecce (Italy), August 31-05 September, 2025 IAC 2026, TXi’an (China), 2026 EAC 2027, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2027


EAC – Past conferences (not exhaustive list)

IAC – Past conferences